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Around the world, people pray to saints for miracles. In the realm of creative design, they turn to Dos Santas (Two Saints).

A partnership between wedding planner and designer Aroa Parra and photographer and videographer Mónika Frías, Dos Santas creates exclusive destination weddings and branded content that express our vast industry knowledge, original artistic vision and passion for storytelling.

Las dos santas

Monika & Aroa

In the wedding world, there’s very little that hasn’t already been done, but coming from distinct personal and professional backgrounds gives us the broad visual and cultural references that allow us to stand out in an industry driven by impeccable service and breathtaking imagery.

Our weddings and photoshoots are a culmination of our inspirations and imaginative thinking and have been featured in Vogue Spain, Elle Marriage in Japan, HOLA! Novias and The Lane.

Art Director, Photographer + Videographer

Mónika Frías

The only thing Mónika Frías loves more than a good story is being the one to tell it. A videographer, photographer and graphic designer, Mónika has been sharing visual tales for more than 10 years. Drawing from live music, classic photography, global cultures and good food, her style is timeless, emotional and elegant with a dash of fun.

Mónika thrives on the creative freedom of photography and art direction, and she understands the importance of her role. Whether shooting for a couple or a brand, “I know that my way of telling the story is how it will be remembered, and I try to make the experience appear in frames the way it felt in person. It’s beautiful when a couple or client comes to me and says, ‘It’s better than we even imagined.’”

Wedding Planner + Stylist

Aroa Parra

On the record, Aroa Parra plans and designs weddings. In reality, she transforms a couple’s desires, ideas, tastes and dreams into something tangible. A personal and corporate image consultant, window dresser and visual merchandiser, it took her own wedding to realize how much she wanted to be a wedding planner.

For the last eight years, Aroa has poured herself into Miss Little Things, creating distinctive, magazine-worthy celebrations for modern couples who appreciate her fashion-inspired aesthetic and careful, detailed work ethic. Designing weddings is challenging, but the final product makes it all worth it for Aroa. “The moment a couple sees everything and it exceeds their expectations—it’s what I love most.”

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Around the world, people pray to saints for miracles. In the realm of creative design, they turn to Dos Santas.