Our Passion

For weddings

Carefully planned and flawlessly executed, our weddings are epic, eye-catching events that showcase bold ideas, a refined aesthetic and an attention to detail.

For brands

Original, evocative and beautiful, our editorial style translates into striking imagery for brands in the wedding world and beyond.

How we work

We’re dreamers and visual souls, and we believe that every project needs a strong foundation. We present our ideas using mood boards and images to hone in on an aesthetic direction from the start.

The magic is in the details, which is why we create a comprehensive proposal that outlines the design vision, budget and team of experts and vendors who will help bring our idea to life.

The day has arrived, and we’re excited to create the final product. We oversee the entire setup to ensure every detail is perfect and are there to address any unexpected challenges.

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Around the world, people pray to saints for miracles. In the realm of creative design, they turn to Dos Santas.